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Tourism : The best activities to do in the Rhône Valley

The Rhone Valley is known for its many tourist attractions. Surrounded by hills, it consists of many vineyards, small picturesque villages, historical sites, lavender fields, … and much more.

The city of Vienne is a central point for visiting the Rhône Valley. Located 26 km south of Lyon, it is known for its Gallo-Roman remains.

In ancient times, Vienne was the capital of the Gallic tribe of Allobroges before losing the battle to the Romans. A city with a rich history that contributes to its current reputation. Besides its history, Vienna is also known for its gastronomy and its exceptional wines.

Discover in our blog post the best activities to do in the Rhone Valley.

The village of Condrieu

The village of Condrieu is located 13km from Vienne in the heart of the Pilat regional nature park. In the village of Condrieu, you will find vestiges of medieval history as well as numerous local products: AOP cheeses and wines.

In a wild and protected nature, enjoy this landscape on foot or by bike. Many activities are offered in the vicinity of the village: visits to the vineyards, tasting of local products, segway rides, exhibitions, water sports centre, etc. or hiking.

The archaeological site of Saint-Romain-en-Gal

In the heart of a 4-hectare natural park, the archaeological site of Saint-Romain-en-Gal with its museum is one of the largest areas devoted to Gallo-Roman civilisation in France. Gathering more than 2000 years of history, plunge into the heart of the city of Vienna, one of the richest in Roman Gaul.

The museum and Gallo-Roman sites of Saint-Romain-en-Gal is divided into 4 areas: the history of ancient Vienne, the economy and crafts, mosaics and the daily life of the Roman house. The museum also hosts numerous temporary exhibitions, musical events and special events, such as the best known of which are the Gallo-Roman Days (June) and the Vinalia (the Roman harvest, last weekend in September).

Wine tours

The Rhone Valley is the second largest AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) vineyard with nearly 6,000 vineyards spread over 77,175 hectares of vines. It extends on both sides of the Rhône, from Vienne to Avignon.

Wines and vineyards have been present in the Rhône Valley for 2000 years. The vines planted in this valley produce wines renowned for their quality and variety of tastes, which ensure that they go perfectly with all types of cuisine, especially Provençal.
For wine lovers and novices alike, there are many wine tours available around Vienne and throughout the Rhône Valley.
In Vienne, enjoy a glass of Condrieu white wine or Côte-Rôtie red wine grown south of the city.

The Viarhôna between Saint-Romain-en-Gal and Sablons

The Viarhôna between Saint-Romain-en-Gal and Sablons is ideal for a pleasant day’s cycling to discover the marvellous landscapes along the Rhône between Vienne and Sablons: hillsides, villages, …
This 33 km long route is on a mainly flat stretch of road with few shared lanes. Starting from Vienne, you follow the Rhône southwards and discover a panoramic view of the city of Vienne, the nature reserve of the Ile du Beurre, the vineyards and local producers, … and with a bit of luck you may even come across a few beavers.
Enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in a green landscape of hills and vineyards.

The old Lyon

In the past, Old Lyon was a fair city where merchants travelled to do business. Between French and Italian culture, you will find in the old quarter of Lyon buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries that were home to rich families of bankers and other Italian merchants. Between these buildings with their elaborate facades, you will find many small streets leading to courtyards in which you will discover charming renaissance architecture.

While strolling through the old town of Lyon, visit the Cathedral of St. John, also known as the Primatiale St. John, built between 1175 and 1491 in a Gothic and Romanesque style.

With its 2,000 years of history, Old Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ancient Gallo-Roman city, Vienne in Isère is full of treasures


The city of Vienne in Isère, 30 km south of Lyon (Rhône), is an ancient Gallo-Roman city. Like today, it had 30,000 inhabitants at the time. Vienne was the capital of a trading province that was open to trade thanks to the river Rhône. Traces of this 2,000-year-old history remain in the city centre, such as the temple dedicated to the emperor Augustus, the ancient theatre, the forum of Cybele, the cloister of Saint André le Bas, and the cathedral of Saint-Maurice. These are rare remains that have been so well preserved.

An exceptional gastronomy

For those with a sweet tooth, the Rhône Valley and the Viennese region are at the crossroads of the gourmet specialities of Isère, the wild flavours of the Pilat mountains and the colourful dishes of the South. This is a land of good taste, whose gastronomic history goes back to the Gallo-Roman era.
On both banks of the river, many varied restaurants will brighten up your taste buds as the choice is wide: gastronomic cuisine, local products, Armenian specialities, slow food and organic restaurants, bistronomy, marriage of herbs and spices… all accompanied by sensational wines to be discovered by two or with the family.

The Rhône valley still offers many tourist activities to discover the region: the Aqualone aquatic centre, hiking in the Pilat, boat cruises on the Rhône, etc.

Revigora, located on the hills of Vienne, offers furnished studios and flats for long and short term rental to discover the Rhône Valley.

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